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Bone Density Booster Subscription

Rebuilding your bone density through exercise, nutrition and falls prevention


Subscription to the BDB includes the following:

- access to all BDB videos and content

- access to Getting Started instructions

- access to all of the advanced BDB phases

- access to Blog articles relating to Bone Health and nutrition

- free email support

- access to 75+ Active Aging workout videos

- optional zoom consult at any time


What differentiates Energizeme from other fitness platforms?

We are the only comprehensive step by step program for increasing bone density through exercise. Our program was designed by an Exercise Physiologist who is an expert at improving bone density with exercise and has assisted hundreds of clients to reverse their bone loss.

What sort of time commitment is required?

The essential part of the program requires 30 minutes at least 3 times per week. There are some optional extra components to the program which are recommended but not required. The optional extra components equate to an additional 3 x 30 minutes sessions per week. 

What happens after the 7-day free trial?

After your free 7-day trial, you will be billed automatically for the membership you selected. In case you decide to cancel your membership, you have to cancel within the 7 days of the trial. Otherwise you will get charged for your selected membership type.

Is the membership renewed automatically?

Yes, the membership is automatically renewed unless you cancel before the next membership period. For example, if you choose the Monthly membership, it is automatically renewed after 1 months for another 1 month.

How does cancelling the membership work?

To cancel your membership, login to our website, select “Profile” and then “Billing”. In the section “Active Plans”, you will be able to change your plan or to cancel your membership.

A cancellation can be made anytime, but will only be valid from the next membership period on. You will have access to the platform until your current period ends. After that, your cancellation will be active and you will no longer have access to our premium contents.

When do I get billed?

Depending on the membership type you choose, you get billed either weekly, monthly or yearly.

Which payment options do you offer?

Currently we accepts various credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard) through our payments provider Stripe.

Where can I get help?

If you need help with anything simply write us to – our support team is always happy to hear from you!


Start rebuilding your bone density today by Subscribing to our Bone Density Booster program, only $30 month

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